Already there is a buzz about a Spiderman Four movie coming out. I saw Spiderman One and never saw any of ther proceeding films. I have no idea what the story line is for Spiderman Two is and all I know about Spiderman Three is that Tobey Maguire has an emo boy hair cut in it (lame). Basically the First Spiderman movie didn’t impress me. I’m not a comic book guy so I never read any of the graphic novels (if you can call Spiderman a graphic novel). Regardless, there were tons of non-comic book people who loved this movie and probably can’t wait until Spiderman Four comes out in theatres. I am definitely not one of those people. “Spiderman Four? I’ll Pass.”

Reasons why I Don’t Care About Spiderman One, Two, Three, or Four

1) Tobey Maguire

I couldn’t see him as Peter Parker or Spiderman. He seemed too young (I’m not sure how old he is in the comic books but regardless, he still seemed to young). I don’t know why, I just couldn’t. And since they’ve kept him as Spiderman in Two, Three, and possible upcoming Spiderman Four, I’m not going to see any of them. They’d have to replace Tobey Maguire with someone pretty good to impress me. Rumors of Jake Gyllenhaal taking over the role doesn’t attract me either. What would be really cool is if they took the original cast of the first Batman Movie (Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, etc) and fit them into the characters some how. Now that would be cool (and different).

2) Kirsten Dunst

She just didn’t seem to fit the part. She also seemed a bit too young but also not as attractive as I’d expect a leading lady to be (especially for a comic book blockbuster). And just like with Tobey Maguire, they kept her in all three Spidermans, so I’m out. Just like with Maguire, they’d have to replace her with someone very HOT to get my attention.

3) Because There’s the Possibility of a Spiderman Four

I thought they were stopping after 3? I don’t blame them for making another one since each one tends to make a ton of money, but to say they weren’t going to make one and then go ahead and make one just rubs me the wrong way.

What I DO like about Spiderman

1) Willem Dafoe

I like Willem Dafoe. They should pay him a lot of money.

The End


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  3. Adam on July 27th, 2008 8:34 am

    Hey! I also found this page by searching for “How Do I Cut My Emo Hair,” and your blog page has inspired me! Before, I loved the Spiderman movies for being true to the comics, but still capable of shocking me. Now, I know the truth. Down with Spiderman! Down with people who look normal! From now on, I demand that all my heroes be GORGEOUS! Thank you for your amazing words!

    P.S. Can I have a picture, so I can verify your level of HOT before I call you my new hero?

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