Del Taco Dan

I honestly had no idea the Oscars are this Sunday (I think they’re this Sunday). But in any regards, I WON’T be watching them. And it’s not because I hate the Oscars. I don’t care enough about the Oscars to even establish such an involved emotion. No. Instead of watching the Oscars, I’ll be eating Del Taco. Why? Because I LOVE Del Taco. I DON’T love the Oscars. So why would I spend time doing something I DON’T love? Exactly! And that’s why I’ll be eating Del Taco instead of watching the Oscars.

NOTE: Now I know I can probably do both and Del Taco might even make the Oscars more enjoyable, but I don’t want to make my Spicy Chicken Burrito jealous of Daniel Day Lewis.

Daniel Day Lewis


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