I am legend movie poster I recently saw I Am Legend because the story line intrigued me. Just about any post-apocalyptic/world widecatastrophe story that results in only 1 man being alive or not infected always seems to peek my interest (sometimes I wouldn’t mind having all of New York City including all apartments, cars, parks, shops, etc. all for my own use). Of course most of these types of scenarios involve mutated humans or nuclear fall out so it’s not a happy world to live in, but the idea still intrigues me. And that’s exactly why I wanted to see I Am Legend.

My Review of I Am Legend

NOTE: If you haven’t seen it, don’t read this. I give out some spoilers here.

I really only had a few issues with I Am Legend:

- Background story not detailed enough (how New York City came to be
- Interaction with other people still in New York a bit awkward and short

What I Liked about I Am Legend:

- They painted an excellent scene of a destroyed, post-breakout New York City
- The premise of a cancer cure turning extremely bad and destroying a good portion of humanity is exciting
- Will Smith was believable as a military scientist determined and risking his life to find a cure

However….What would have made me a huge fan of I Am Legend is if they DIDN’T make it a move, but rather made it into a TV Series

Why I Am Legend Should be a TV Series instead of a Movie

As a TV series, you could expand greatly on the story. At the start of the story, Will Smith’s character has been in New York in its current state for 1,000+ days. He’s managed to compile an arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and fortify his extremely nice apartment with shielded windows and doors, lights, and explosives. He’s also managed to experiment with cures for the disease on a significant number of infected humans and rats. I want to know how all this came to be. When did he first become immune to this disease? How did he get the keys to all these cars? How did he fortify his home? I want details! This is a story that could go on and on and on. And you could have flashbacks to when this cancer cure first started to mutate. This is a very rich story that shouldn’t be confined to 101 minutes. Even though we already know how it turns out, you could have years after years of seasons building up to the very end. I would tune in.


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