Some of you might not understand how coffee can be a form of entertainment. But I look at coffee differently. I don’t see it as a caffeine-drenched, “dirty water” beverage. I see it as its own medium that provides me with auditory, visual, social, and (of course) tactile entertainment.

Here’s what I mean….

(coffee and cigarettes are both entertaining, but coffee is healthier, kinda)

Auditory Entertainment of Coffee

If you’re a true coffee lover, you already understand what I mean. But if you’re new to coffee or don’t understand coffee, let me explain. In order to make coffee, you need a coffee maker. And coffee makers have a distinct sound — especially when they’re finishing the job. It has a “bubbling”, “hissing”, even “belching” sound. that announces the end of the coffee making. Now of course I don’t sit in front of my coffee maker and wait in anticipation for the sound to come. But if I happen to be in the kitchen or close enough to hear it, it always seems to bring a smile to my face.

Visual Entertainment of Coffee

Just like with the auditory entertainment value of coffee, the visual aspect starts with the coffee maker. It take a few minutes to make a full pot of coffee. It doesn’t happen instantly (unless you’re making instant coffee). Coffee makers drip water onto the grounded coffee which then mixes and seeps through the coffee maker were it ultimately lands in the coffee pot. Now the only aspect of this “coffee dance” that you can see is the final seeping of the mixed coffee/hot water into the coffee pot. This slow drip is a show in itself; especially if you’re waiting patiently for the coffee to finish. Again, I don’t sit in front of the coffee pot and watch the entire pot fill, but as I pass it, it’s somewhat entertaining to guess how full it will be the next you walk by it or check. If you were to watch the pot fill, it would feel like an eternity and the anguish of waiting for the coffee to finish would kill any entertainment value. But if you set the coffee making in motion and go on with your choirs/morning preparation/breakfast making, you actually take time to check (aka watch) the coffee from time to time. In other words, you’re tuning in to the coffee making (like watching TV). And when the coffee making ends, it’s a big crescendo (complete with an audio and visual presentation that can’t be beat by the making of tea or milk).

Social Entertainment of Coffee

This is an easy one to understand. And it’s all thanks to Starbucks. Coffee drinking has become a social event that people of all races and classes share in. The coffee shop has been accepted and praised by popular culture and has become as treny a “hang out” as a night club or bar. People meet at coffee shops to drink coffee, do homework, telecommute, and just socialize in general. People these days say “let’s get coffee” as an excuse to hang out. Without coffee, we’d be stuck hanging out at bars (DUIs), nightclubs (too dark), and the library(too quite).

And finally… the Tactile Entertainment of Coffee

When it comes down to it, only about half the coffee shop goers actually enjoy the taste of coffee. They go to hang out with friends or classmates and merely order a cafe mocha (aka hot chocoloate – if you ask me) or lattes (dirty milk), or some other sort of blended coffee based drink. What these people are missing out on is the pure tactile enjoyment and entertainment of just plain old coffee (black, no sugar or cream please). I am a big fan of black coffee. I enjoy the taste and the varying aromas that come with different types of coffee. And I’m open to the varying types. Starbucks coffee is stronger and darker but great when you’re in the mood, as is true coffee shop-style coffee (Denny’s, Norms, etc.). I even enjoy a cup of decaf (I personally can’t taste the difference). And the most tactile entertainment value of coffee is first thing in the morning on a cold day or right after a big holiday meal. Now if that isn’t entertainment, I don’t know what is.

The End.

P.S. the caffeine in coffee is kinda fun too ;)

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